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Blue Chip Park Homes are the countries leading park home , leisure lodge and park bungalow surveyors operating throughout the U.K.

Ashleigh Fitzhugh is the Principal Surveyor for Blue Chip Park Homes Limited. Ashleigh's experience in both the manufacturing and refurbishment of park homes gives us a unique knowledge of all makes of homes. Ashleigh has worked for the three biggest manufacturing and refurbishment companies within the industry and has an exceptional insight into the manufacturing, materials and methods used within the industry. 

Why Blue Chip?

Our knowledge of all the manufacturing methods and different kinds of materials used in the production of park homes, along with the familiarity of over 90% of UK parks will make the purchase of your dream park home less stressful.
Blue Chip Park Homes Limited are recommended by several manufacturers of park homes including Tingdene, Omar, Prestige and Homeseeker. Blue Chip Park Homes Limited are recommended by leading Park Home Estate Agents, Insurance companies, Loss adjusters and leading Park Home Refurbishment companies.

Survey Inspection:

Our Park Home / Leisure Home surveys are issued in easy to read report.
Our aftercare service means our customers can call or email us after the survey has been completed to discuss the report and any concerns regarding the home. Our friendly staff will be happy to help and offer advice about your home now, and at any time in the future.
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Let Blue Chip Park Homes Limited alleviate your worries with a comprehensive, full structural survey. Blue Chip Park Homes Limited will crawl around under the home in the dust, dirt and cobwebs (no we don't wear suits), poke, prod and find anything untoward with the Park Home/ Leisure Lodge All our finding are written and produced in an easy to read written report complete with colour photographs. 

Our Service gives you peace of mind and could save you money.

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