Our surveys not only cover the home but also provides information about whether the home is likely to conform to the site license, the local authority regulations, fire regulations and BS3632.

Every Blue Chip Park Homes Limited Survey includes the following:

The Full Structural inspection will take in the region of 2 – 3 hours to complete. The Full Structural Survey report will run to 20 - 30 pages in length, complete with colour digital photographs taken during the survey to illustrate points made in the survey and will be presented bound in a folder.  The report is broken down section by section and is presented in a easy to read format. We will help and guide you with any questions or queries you may have.


Measurements will be taken from the home to both the nearby roads and any neighbouring structures Park Homes, to ensure that the distances comply with fire regulations.

The base will be checked for any signs of cracks or subsidence, and to confirm that the base complies with current siting regulations, for Park Homes and Leisure Lodges.

The type, position, and condition of the supports will be checked, to ascertain whether they are supporting the  Park home / Leisure Lodge sufficiently, and that the home is sited level.

The chassis will be inspected for excessive corrosion and bent or damaged steel work.

The floor bearers (or joists) under the home, and their fixings will be checked for condition.

The insulation will be examined for – type of insulation, thickness, compliance will current BS3632 regulations, the condition of the insulation and the way it has been protected against deterioration.

The pipe work will be checked for leaks, condition and insulation.

The skirting around the home will be inspected for condition, suitability of construction, and compliance with siting methods.

The exterior walls will be examined on all sides for excessive movement, deterioration to the texture and/or cladding, and/or drip rail, suitability of the cladding, and the type of insulation in the cavity.

The doors and windows will be inspected to clarify if the frame style is the recommended type for park home construction, the condition of the windows and doors, the type of locking systems on the windows and whether the windows and doors conform to fire regulations.

The roof will be inspected for its construction, and condition. The fascia and barge boards will be examined, along with the guttering system.

Any porch and/or extension will be examined for its construction, and to ensure it complies with regulations regarding additional structures and that it doesn’t impede that home’s mobility.


The internal walls will all be checked for stability, construction, ventilation and moisture.

The floors will be checked for stability, construction, and moisture. Any excessive movement in the floors can be indicative of the supports under the home being incorrectly positioned.

The ceilings will all be checked for excessive bowing, stability, construction and moisture.

The report will be summarised, highlighting any areas for concern, the causes of the faults and how they can be rectified. Plus recommendations for any remedial works if any, and future preventative maintenance.